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00064 - Bersaglieri Battalion
00064 - Bersaglieri Battalion, The Bersaglieri, singular Bersagliere, are a troop of marksmen in the Italian Army's infantry corps. They were originally created by General Alessandro La Marmora on 18 June 1836 to serve in the Royal Sardinian Army, which later became the Royal Italian Army. They can be recognized by their distinctive wide-brimmed hats decorated with black capercaillie feathers, which is worn with the dress uniform. The feathers are also applied to their combat helmets, While in the past the mobility of the Bersaglieri manifested itself in running and the use of bicycles, regiments currently in service are all mechanised with either Dardo or Freccia infantry fighting vehicles. To distinguish them from other infantry units the Bersaglieri collar patches are crimson-red and enlisted troops wear a red fez instead of berets. Officers wear black berets with their standard uniform, but a feathered "vaira" when dressed in ceremonial uniform. They also wear black gloves, while other Italian regiments wear white ones. Originally each Bersaglieri regiment had a band called a "fanfara", who played their instruments at the double while on parade. Today only the Garibaldi Brigade, 6th and 7th Bersaglieri Regiment retain a "fanfara", which are technically brass bands. Since 1982 Bersaglieri have served as peacekeepers with the Multinational Force in Lebanon, and during the Yugoslav and Somali Civil Wars. Bersaglier units also served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and were repeatedly deployed to serve in the war in Afghanistan. As of 2019 the following Bersaglieri units are in active service. 

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00064 - Bersaglieri Battalion

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